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ADVICE to the Marquis of ROCKINGHAM, upon a late Occasion.

Written in 1765, by an OLD COURTIER.

1 WELL may they, Wentworth, call thee young,
2 What hear and feel! sift right from wrong,
3 And to a wretch be kind!
4 Old statesmen would reverse your plan,
5 Sink, in the minister, the man,
6 And be both deaf and blind!
7 If thus, my lord, your heart o'erflows,
8 Know you, how many mighty foes
9 Such weakness will create you?
10 Regard not what Fitzherbert says,
11 For tho' you gain each good man's praise,
12 We older folks shall hate you.
13 You should have sent, the other day,
14 G—k, the player, with frowns away,
15 Your smiles but made him bolder;
16 Why would you hear his strange appeal,
17 Which dar'd to make a statesman feel?
18 I would that you were older!
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19 You should be proud, and seem displeas'd,
20 Or you for ever will be teaz'd,
21 Your house with beggars haunted:
22 What, ev'ry suitor kindly us'd?
23 If wrong, their folly is excus'd,
24 If right, their suit is granted.
25 From pressing crowds of great and small,
26 To free yourself, give hopes to all,
27 And fail nineteen in twenty:
28 What, wound my honour, break my word!
29 You're young again You may, my lord,
30 Have precedents in plenty!
31 Indeed, young statesman, 'twill not do,
32 Some other ways and means pursue,
33 More fitted to your station!
34 What from your boyish freeks can spring?
35 Mere toys! The favour of your king,
36 And love of all the nation.


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About this text

Title (in Source Edition): ADVICE to the Marquis of ROCKINGHAM, upon a late Occasion. Written in 1765, by an OLD COURTIER.
Author: David Garrick
Themes: politics
Genres: advice
References: DMI 31251

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Source edition

A collection of the most esteemed pieces of poetry: that have appeared for several years. With variety of originals, by the late Moses Mendez, Esq; and other contributors to Dodsley's collection. To which this is intended as a supplement. London: printed for Richardson and Urquhart, 1767, pp. 139-140. [8],320p. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T124631; DMI 1073; OTA K099398.000)

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