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ODE, in Imitation of Pastor Fido.

(O Primavera Gioventu del Anno.) Written Abroad in 1729.

1 PArent of blooming flow'rs and gay desires,
2 Youth of the tender year, delightful Spring,
3 At whose approach, inspir'd with equal fires,
4 The am'rous Nightingale and Poet sing.
5 Again dost thou return, but not with thee
6 Return the smiling hours I once possess'd;
7 Blessings thou bring'st to others, but to me
8 The sad remembrance, that I once was bless'd.
9 Thy faded charms, which Winter snatch'd away,
10 Renew'd in all their former lustre shine;
11 But ah! no more shall hapless I be gay,
12 Or know the vernal joys that have been mine.
13 Tho' linnets sing, tho' flow'rs adorn the green,
14 Tho' on their wings soft [zephyrs] fragrance bear;
15 Harsh is the musick, joyless is the scene,
16 The odour faint; for Delia is not there.
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17 Cheerless and cold I feel the genial sun,
18 From thee while absent I in exile rove;
19 Thy lovely presence, fairest light, alone
20 Can warm my heart to gladness and to love.


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    Title (in Source Edition): ODE, in Imitation of Pastor Fido. (O Primavera Gioventu del Anno.) Written Abroad in 1729.
    Themes: nature
    Genres: ode; imitation; translation; paraphrase
    References: DMI 22314

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    Source edition

    A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes. By Several Hands. Vol. II. London: printed by J. Hughs, for R. and J. Dodsley, 1763 [1st ed. 1758], pp. 51-52. 6v.: music; 8⁰. (ESTC T131163; OTA K104099.002)

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