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A RECEIPT to Cure the Vapours.

Written to Lady J———n.

1 WHY will Delia thus retire,
2 And idly languish life away?
3 While the sighing crowd admire,
4 'Tis too soon for hartshorn tea.
5 All those dismal looks and fretting
6 Cannot Damon's life restore;
7 Long ago the worms have eat him,
8 You can never see him more.
9 Once again consult your toilette,
10 In the glass your face review:
11 So much weeping soon will spoil it,
12 And no spring your charms renew.
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13 I, like you, was born a woman,
14 Well I know what vapours mean:
15 The disease, alas! is common;
16 Single, we have all the spleen.
17 All the morals that they tell us,
18 Never cur'd the sorrow yet:
19 Chuse, among the pretty fellows;
20 One of honour, youth, and wit.
21 Prithee hear him every morning,
22 At the least an hour or two;
23 Once again at night returning
24 I believe the dose will do.


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    About this text

    Title (in Source Edition): A RECEIPT to Cure the Vapours. Written to Lady J———n.
    Themes: advice; moral precepts; grief; sadness; melancholy; illness; injury
    Genres: song; receipt / recipe
    References: DMI 22759

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    Source edition

    A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes. By Several Hands. Vol. I. London: printed by J. Hughs, for R. and J. Dodsley, 1763 [1st ed. 1758], pp. 114-115. 6v.: music; 8⁰. (ESTC T131163; OTA K104099.001)

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