The resurrection. A poem: Written by Mr. Addison. Resurrectio delineata ad altare col. Magd. Oxon. English and Latin. London: printed for E. Curll, 1718. xii,8,17-21,[1]p.,plate ; 8⁰. (ESTC N13275; Foxon A204; OTA K008178.000)

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    Written by Mr. ADDISON.

    Venient citò Saecula, cum jam
    Socius Calor ossa revisat,
    Animataque Sanguine vivo
    Habitacula pristina gestet.

    LONDON: Printed for E. CURLL in Fleet-street. 1718. Price Six Pence.


    THE following Lines are esteemed by the best Judges to be the finest Sketch of the Resurrection, that any Age or Language hath produced: Nor do their only Excellence consist in being an[Page iv] accurate Poem; but also in being an exact Copy of the Painter's* Old Fuller. Original upon the Altar in Magdalen College; but so much improved with all the strongest Figures and most lively Embellishments of a poetical Description, that the Reader receives a double Satisfaction in seeing the two Sister-Arts so useful to each other in borrowing mutual Helps, and mutual Advantages.

    It is, indeed, wonderful to find in the narrow Compass of so few Pages all the most dreadful Circumstances of that last terrible Crisis of Time: The Poem is a beautiful and succinct Epitome of all that hath or can ever be said[Page v] on that important Subject; the very Text, which the ingenious Mr. Young hath so largely and elegantly paraphras'd upon in his excellent Poem on the LAST DAY.

    Mr. Addison is to be distinguish'd thro' all his Performances both Latin and English, (and in his Latin, particularly in the following one, and that on the Peace of Riswick), by the strength of his Images, and by a forcible and unaffected vivacity of Expression, which none of our Moderns have attain'd to in so much Perfection; and which is very rarely to be met with even in any of the Antients since Virgil and Horace.

    [Page vi]

    Having mention'd Mr. Addison, I cannot avoid congratulating my Country on his Preferment to one of her greatest Civil Employments; nor forbear observing how happy we are in a KING, who hath shown the World that he will distribute his Favours amongst those only, whom Merit and Virtue shall recommend to his Service.

    With what uncommon Lustre must that Man appear to Posterity, who is not only the best Writer and most candid Patron of the Age he lives in; but also the finest Gentleman, the sincerest Friend, the most affectionate Husband, the most accomplish'd[Page vii] Statesman, and the most exemplary Christian? Under every one of these Views Mr. Addison gains the Esteem and Admiration even of the bitterest Enemies to that Cause which he so warmly espouses; of the most furious Partisans and the most prejudic'd of Mankind.

    I must forbear to enlarge any farther on the Character of that truly great and good Man, lest I draw upon my self the imputation of a Flatterer, by relating what all the World (except himself only) will allow to be the severest Truth.

    I shall make no excuse for offering the following Poem to the[Page viii] World in an English DRESS, and under all the Disadvantages of an imperfect Translation. I have often read it in the Original with the greatest Pleasure and Satisfaction; and I hope it will need no Apology to be willing to communicate so useful and sublime an Entertainment, in the best manner I can, to those of my Fellow-Subjects who are not qualify'd to read it in the Latin Original.

  • RESURRECTIO DELINEATA Ad Altare Col. Magd. Oxon. / Joseph Addison; Nicholas Amhurst (translator)
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