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1 The Lord is my shepherd, what then shall I fear?
2 What danger can frighten me whilst he is near?
3 Not when the day comes that I pass thro' the Vale
4 Of the Shadow of Death, shall my heart ever fail.
5 Tho' afraid by myself to pursue the dark way,
6 Thy rod and thy staff are my comfort and stay;
7 For I know by the guidance, when once it is past,
8 To a fountain of life it will lead me at last,
9 The Lord is become my salvation and song,
10 His blessings shall follow me all my life long;
11 Whatever condition he places me in,
12 I know 'tis the best it could ever have been,
13 For the Lord he is good and his mercies are sure,
14 He only afflicteth in order to cure;
15 The Lord will I praise whilst I have any breath,
16 Be content all my life, and resign'd at my death,


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    Alcock [née Cumberland], Mary, 1741?–1798. Poems, &c. &c. by the Late Mrs. Mary Alcock [poems only]. London: Printed for C. Dilly, Poultry, 1799, p. 114. vii,[25],183,[1]p. (ESTC T86344) (Page images digitized by University of California Libraries.)

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