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1 Beneath this stone a chicken's laid,
2 Her mistress named her Bess,
3 Six months she tenderly was nursed,
4 Yet still she grew the less.
5 In fairy hill poor Bess was hatched,
6 If there she had but staid,
7 She might have had a verdant grave,
8 And not in dust been laid.
9 But hapless chick, like this world's fools,
10 Must wander far from home,
11 And by a lady's scissars fell,
12 And here must fix her tomb.
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13 Farewell! my little favourite Bess,
14 Thy fate why should I mourn?
15 Since kings and queens the same must share,
16 And unto dust return.


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    Title (in Source Edition): EPITAPH ON A FAVORITE TAME CHICKEN.
    Genres: epitaph

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    Kelly, Isabella, 1759-1857. Collection of Poems and Fables on Several Occasions. London: W. Richardson, 1794, pp. 40-41. 72p. (ESTC T122123) (Page images digitized from a copy at the British Library.)

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