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To the Honourable Mrs. Spencer
[ed.] "Georgiana, daughter of Lord Carteret; married in 1734 the Hon George Spencer, younger son of the third Earl of Sunderland." (Tucker [1992], 225) (AH)
, on her removing from Windsor to Rookly in Hampshire.

1 Where-e'er you go, some Actions still we hear,
2 Which make the Goodness of your Mind appear.
3 Hibernia early saw those Seeds of Worth,
4 In your fair Breast, which now shoot nobly forth;
5 Foresaw the Hopes you gave, matur'd by Time,
6 And griev'd to yield you to a happier Clime.
7 Tho' to the Height of all your Wishes bless'd,
8 Yet still your Sighs can rise for the Distress'd:
9 So young, so good! Georgina, 'tis thy Fate,
10 To be admir'd, and lov'd in ev'ry State.
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11 How does thy Manner to thy Words impart
12 Some won'drous Pow'r to gain upon the Heart,
13 Engaging All! Beneficence we see,
14 Tho' fair Herself, yet owing Charms to Thee:
15 O fitted Thou for Spencer's Race, who scorn
16 To think they only for Themselves were born!
London, September 20. 1734.


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About this text

Title (in Source Edition): To the Honourable Mrs. Spencer, on her removing from Windsor to Rookly in Hampshire.
Author: Mary Barber
Themes: virtue; vice
Genres: heroic couplet; address; panegyric
References: DMI 11602

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Source edition

Barber, Mary, ca. 1690-1757. Poems on Several Occasions [poems only]. London: Printed for C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1735, pp. 229-230. lx, 290,[14]p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T42623; DMI 519; Foxon p. 45)

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