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To the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery
[ed.] John Boyle (13 January 1707 - 16 November 1762), writer and friend of Swift, Pope, and Johnson. (AH)
in Dublin: Upon receiving an Account from Mrs. Barber, of his Lordship's great Generosity to her.

1 Let Others speak your Titles, and your Blood;
2 Accept from Me the glorious Name of Good.
3 This Honour only from fair Virtue springs,
4 Ennobles Slaves, adds Dignity to Kings.
5 O Born to shew Nobility design'd
6 Not to insult, but to protect Mankind!
7 Well you discern to spare, or to bestow;
8 Nor waste in Riot, what to Worth you owe.
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9 Judgment your Bounty guides; and all agree,
10 'Tis Praise, 'tis Glory, to receive from Thee.
11 Gen'rous thy Gifts; but more thy matchless Art,
12 To spare the Blush, and doubly bind the Heart.
13 Tho' Fortune place me in a distant Scene;
14 And Mountains rise, and Oceans roll between;
15 O'er Mountains, Oceans, Gratitude conveys
16 The good Man's Act, and wide extends his Praise.
17 Strange! that your Judgment errs in this alone;
18 Barber you bless, yet hope your Gifts unknown.
19 'Tis Hers to bring each lovely Deed to Light,
20 And force unwilling Virtue to the Sight:
21 'Tis Hers, and 'tis Her Muse's greatest Pride,
22 A Favour never to forget, or hide.
23 Illustrious Youth! and let me style you Friend,
24 O look with Candor on the Lines I send!
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25 Warm from the Heart my artless Numbers fall;
26 Nor wait Correctness, when your Virtues call.
27 Here, bless'd with all that human Life requires,
28 Superior to vain Fears, or low Desires;
29 In chearful Solitude, in studious Ease;
30 Careful my Conscience, and my God, to please;
31 I think on Thee, when Want, or Worth, implore;
32 And unrepining share my little Store.
33 So Stars attend the beauteous Queen of Night;
34 And faintly shine, not emulate her Light.
Edmonton, April 5. 1733.


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About this text

Title (in Source Edition): To the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery in Dublin: Upon receiving an Account from Mrs. Barber, of his Lordship's great Generosity to her.
Author: William Ward
Themes: patronage; virtue; vice
Genres: heroic couplet; address; panegyric
References: DMI 11597

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Source edition

Barber, Mary, ca. 1690-1757. Poems on Several Occasions [poems only]. London: Printed for C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1735, pp. 210-212. lx, 290,[14]p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T42623; DMI 519; Foxon p. 45)

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