Two poems: viz. I. On the deluge, paradise, the burning of the world, and of the new heavens and new earth. An ode to. Dr. Burnett. II. In praise of physic and poetry. An ode to Dr. Hannes. Written by Mr. Addison. London: printed for E. Curll, 1718. 24p. : ill ; 8⁰. (ESTC T75001; Foxon N275; OTA K063010.000)

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  • TWO POEMS VIZ.I. On the DELUGE, PARADISE, The Burning of the WORLD, and of the New HEAVENS and New EARTH. An Ode to Dr. Burnett. II. In Praise of PHYSIC and POETRY. An Ode to Dr. Hannes.

    Written by Mr. ADDISON.

    LONDON: Printed for E. CURLL in Fleet-street. 1718. Price Six Pence.

  • Mr. CURLL,

    YOUR Design of obliging the Public with a correct Edi tion of all Mr. ADDISON'S Latin Poems, and Transla ions of them, meets here with a gene al Approbation.

    According to my Promise I have sent you the TWO ODES: You pro mis'd to conceal my Name, which I nsist on. I will be answerable to the World for the Justness of the Tran lation, and hitting the AUTHOR'S Mind; omitting, I think, no Empha ical Beauty or Turn Mr. ADDISON has express'd in the Original. Next Week you shall have (what I can't[Page] help calling Mr. ADDISON'S Mas ter-Piece) his POEM on the Peace of Reswick; upon the Publication of which, the English Reader will see what Havock has been made of this Performance, by all the modern Poets who have wrote upon that Subject; and whatever Beauties have been ad mir'd in their Works, are owing to this excellent Original. The Battle of the Pygmies and Cranes, The Puppet-show, The Bowling-green, and The Barometer, you shall have with all convenient Speed.

    Yours, &c.
  • Ad Insignissimum Virum D. THO. BURNETTUM, Sacrae Theoriae Telluris Autorem. / Joseph Addison; Thomas Newcomb (translator)
  • AD D. D. HANNES, INSIGNISSIMUM MEDICUM & POETAM. / Joseph Addison; Thomas Newcomb (translator)